Chylobinoid CBDa Hemp Body Cream

The Wise Leaf Loves Pets!

With additional time now focused within our personal spaces, we can reflect and rediscover how we care for ourselves and the ones we love. Many of us are getting an opportunity to reassess how we approach our daily health practices and find ways to create balance in our own lives and for our families.

Invite your favorite furry companion into your space. Move, play and talk to them. This is a great time to learn more about your companion. Pet massage is a kind and loving way to interact and share therapeutic touch to your friend. Take extra time to learn how their muscles, coat and skin feels and looks in a healthy state. This will help with future attention needs if an out of balance situation occurs.

Don’t forget to spend some time on your own personal skincare as well! The devoted time can be very calming and stress reducing for you both. After you connect with your furbaby, our topical body creams are a perfect way to extend that loving massage to yourself. Apply often to the targeted area that you feel balance could be restored.