CBDa Hemp Body Cream with Chylobinoid

Keep Calm and Shelter On with CBDa Hemp Body Cream

During this unprecedented time where we find ourselves all isolating individually, with additional time now focused within our personal spaces, we can reflect and rediscover how we care for ourselves and the ones we love. Many of us are getting an opportunity to reassess how we approach our daily health practices and find ways to create balance in our own lives and for our families. Practicing a basic daily schedule that is flexible for everyone’s needs, will keep a sense of normalcy and connection to our world and community for when things do get back on track.

Start Small

Observe your habits and movements within your home. How much time are you laying, sitting, standing and moving? How do you move and utilize the space you have access to? Would you like to shift some items and remove extra clutter? Can you rearrange to allow for more freedom of flow? Is there a way for each person to set up an area, no matter how small, dedicated to a calm, quiet and stress-free zone? Try to keep this sacred space free of all electronic devices. If possible, try to have the space inspire your favored sense of visual, auditory or scent. Visit the space multiple times a day. You don’t have to dedicate hours at a time. Try 10-20 minute intervals a few times during a day to help break up the pattern of your daily schedule.

Self Care

Now that you have watched everything on your entertainment subscription service, it is time to focus on yourself. Rediscovering your physical body and the areas that have been neglected are ready for some attention. New movement practices can leave us feeling refreshed but tired, motivated but sore/stiff and painfully aware that you can’t put off your personal health any longer. As your body speaks, LISTEN. Gift yourself with what you need to feel whole again.

As you stretch and flex your body in your newly dedicate space, our topical body creams are a perfect companion to bring attention to those specific muscle groups and joint areas. Apply often to the targeted area that you feel balance could be restored.