Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower Oil

Full Moon in Virgo with Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower Oil – March 9, 2020

The sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which also happens to be stationing direct today after what feels like a particularly stressful retrograde period. Virgo energy strives for order and perfection, very often in service of the healing and growth. When it is well-directed, it is organized and precise, checking all the boxes and completing all the tasks. When it is off-kilter, the small details overwhelm the greater goal and one can get lost in the endless to-do list.

With the Sun in opposing Pisces, consider this is a signpost that sometimes you have to step back in order to see the big picture. Both signs have an affinity for service to others and sometimes need a gentle reminder that you have to recharge your own energy before you can support those you love and care for most. 

Let this full moon culminate as a balance within each of us as we care for both our inner, emotional core (Moon) and outer, expressive selves (Sun). Bring an element of grounded, focused service (Virgo) and balance (CBD) to your full moon ritual with support from our 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower Oil